Letter from the USU Alumni Association President


SUBJECT:  Fellow alumni – read this!!! Alumni weekend 15-16SEP17 approaching, terrific changes this year!


First of all, President Thomas asked me to send his regards to all alumni. Since assuming responsibilities as president he has already been very active in support of the Alumni Association and all our alumni. I hope many of you will attend the Founder’s Day/Alumni Weekend and have a chance to interact with our new University President. Which brings me to the most important message!!! IMPORTANT!!  It’s time to buy your tickets for Founder’s Day/Alumni Weekend September 15-16, 2017. While we focus on the 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35-year classes, everyone is welcome. Each year has been a great deal of fun for the attendees, and every year we get overwhelmingly positive feedback.


THIS YEAR IT IS PARTICULARLY IMPORTANT!  I don’t use “all caps” very often. However, this is the first year since our initial Alumni Association event in 2012 that we have been able to partner with the University to co-sponsor the event.  The dinner will be Friday night, leaving Saturday to plan class-specific events.  Dinner and Alumni Awards on Friday will undoubtedly increase faculty and student attendance, and we need to cap the number of tickets sold…so…if you want a ticket, don’t wait until the last minute.  Buy your ticket now, even if you are only MOSTLY sure you are coming.   😊


The Friday morning Symposium will allow students, faculty, and alumni to hear from and ask questions of the USU President, all three Deans, and the new President and CEO of the Henry M Jackson Foundation, our very own (USU alum) MG Joe Caravalho.  In the afternoon President Thomas will host a Founder’s Day celebration and you don’t want to miss that either.


Following the celebration we will have a reception where alumni can mix and mingle with students and faculty – a great opportunity to tell war stories and talk about how tough it was when we were there.  Just remember, many students these days have multiple combat tours…


We plan to have a screening of “Fighting for Life,” the terrific documentary of USU graduates caring for our wounded, in Sanford Auditorium.


Dinner Friday evening will be followed by our annual USU Alumni Awards presentations.  These awards will be presented to a number of distinguished graduates whose impressive careers have earned them the respect and admiration of their fellow alumni.


REMEMBER – If you don’t have a military ID card please follow the instructions on the website when you purchase your tickets.  Base access protocol is simple if you follow it.





“It’s about what you can do for USU!”